First Come First Serve

Get the best-personalized gift for your loved ones! Register their favorite place before anyone else does and get a personalized gift certificate.

Proprietary Algorithm

We have carefully created a unique database that allows the user to search their favorite place, save it, name it, and customize the gift certificate to gift it to their loved ones. We established the unique concept of Gift A Place in 2016 to enrich your gifting experience. We believe that everyone has a favorite place that they associate with a special memory. However, you probably would have never thought about registering that place in your or your loved ones’ names.

Customizing a gift has never been more fun! The proprietary algorithm allows the user to search for their favorite place, save it, and give a gift certificate to their loved ones. The proprietary algorithm we created can improve the overall gifting experience by making it simple and unique.

Exotic Places

Several places are classified in seven tiers under Exotic Places. In addition to the general gift certificate, you also get a range of merchandise along with other unique features when you buy or upgrade to an Exotic Place. Apart from buying an already existing Exotic Place, you can also choose to upgrade your favorite place to an Exotic place if it isn’t previously classified as one.

However, you will be required to pay an extra amount to upgrade your place to Exotic place. Up to Tier 4, you can upgrade your favorite place to an Exotic Place by paying an additional price, but for Tier 5 to 7, you must be an existing member, i.e., you must have already made a purchase to request for an upgrade price.

You can find more about Exotic Places here.

Read the conditions regarding the refund policy on Exotic Places here.

Personalized Dashboard

The UID can be used to log in to your profile, where you can view all your gift certificates. On the dashboard, you also have the option to edit your profile, buy additional merchandise from the dashboard, and in case your certificate is lost or damaged, you can also download it.

Quality Products

The quality of products ranks high in the priority list of ensuring customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction is our primary focus. We print the gift certificates in high quality, which can last a lifetime. Along with the gift certificates, the merchandise we send is also high quality and from trusted sources.

Apart from prompt deliveries and customer support and keeping the ordering process simple, we have ensured that your gift certificate is in high-quality print, so you get value for your money. We can assure you that the exceptional quality of the final product is sure to impress you. You will receive the gift certificate precisely as you wish it to be from design to size and quality. Are you still wondering why it’s a perfect gift? Read reviews from our happy customers here!

Unique User Id

We have created a database that will generate unique user IDs once the place is successfully registered. The Unique ID is a combination of the phrase GAP, words, and numbers. The UID is simple to remember and can be used to search for the place registered with Gift A Place. The UID can be used to log in to your profile, where you can view all your gift certificates. You can also edit your profile, buy additional merchandise from the dashboard, and in case your certificate is lost or damaged, you can also download it from the dashboard.

If you don’t like the UID generated by our database, you can refresh it and get a new UID. The UID you get is essential in the sense that it will be on the gift certificate you get. We also ask for your UID in case you receive a damaged product, and you wish to return it and receive a refund. You can read our Refund Policy here.

DMCA Certified

We can report if someone copies content from our website. We have added the DMCA Badge to our blog, which has made every single page on our website DMCA certified.

It makes it easy to identify the original content and make the content on the website more secure than before. A message will be sent to anyone who tries copying our content and reproducing it.


We have priced our digital certificate at comparatively low prices, so more people are compelled to Go Green and decide to gift a digital certificate instead.

No doubt, we have contributed our share to the problem of pollution by designing, creating, and delivering gift certificates all around the globe, and we take full responsibility for our actions. We always encourage everyone to Go Green and protect the Earth.

There cannot be a favorite place without Earth!

Professional Framing

If you want the gift certificate to look even better than it already does, then you can ask for framing the gift certificate. We will get your gift certificate professionally framed so you can hang it on your wall as soon as it is delivered.

You don’t have to go through the hassle of getting your gift certificate framed. Just select the ‘get it framed’ option before placing an order, and we will get it done in no time. However, you will have to pay an extra amount to get your gift certificate framed. Not only you can select the design for the gift certificate, but also the size of the certificate.

Customizable Certificate

The customization of the gift certificate is available in three variants. You can either create an abstract design on your gift certificate or make an unusual pattern with an oil-paint and paint feature.

Introducing a DIY option is only one of the reasons to customize your gift certificate. You can also include your image to the gift certificate. You can also choose the size of the certificate and get it framed. Personalize your gift certificate even more by adding a personal message on the gift certificate.

Customer Support

If you have any queries or feedback regarding the product or otherwise, you can visit our contact us page here and leave us a message. If you have general queries regarding our products and services, you can view our FAQs section. We have put together a list of questions that we generally get asked by our customers.

We try to get to you as soon as possible; however, it can still take us a couple of days to resolve your issues. You can also contact us if you have received a damaged product, or you can visit our website and leave a message through our Live Chat option. However, we suggest you email our Customer Executive at regarding issues with delivered orders.

International Shipping

We offer international shipping options to our customers. You can also select the time when you want us to deliver the gift certificate and merchandise. If you are in a rush, you’ll have to pay an extra amount for express delivery, or you can go green and get a digital certificate.

Read more about International shipping here.

Trusted Brand

You don’t have to worry about the quality of products and the accuracy of maps on your gift certificate. We have several essential steps to incorporate Google Maps on our website to help you quickly find and your favorite place. You can rest assured that you’ll always get a geographically accurate map of your favorite place on your gift certificate. However, Gift A Place cannot be held responsible for issues that do not fall under our policies or if you are unable to find your favorite location on the map or any other issues related to Google Maps.

Last Moment Gifts

However, now you don’t have to worry about what might happen if you don’t get a gift immediately. You can get a digital gift certificate from Gift A Place for anyone. The digital certificate will be delivered instantly to your email address or the person you choose to gift it accordingly.

When you decide to go green and get a digital certificate, it benefits not only you but also the environment. Like a hard copy, you can even personalize the digital certificate.

Privacy To Customers

Once you have got your Unique ID, you can use that ID to search for your registered place. You can either keep your gift certificate private or public. If you choose to keep it public, anyone who searches for that place will receive a message stating that it has already been registered.

However, we do not display any personal details about your purchase. The person searching for the place that you have registered will only receive a message with the name of the place and the person who bought it.

We also do not sell any personal data to third parties. You can read our Privacy Policy to find out more about third-party policies here.

SSL Checkout

An SSL checkout will keep the online transaction secure and your data private. A business website must get an SSL certificate to ensure safe and reliable credit card payments. Without an SSL certificate, a site is not secure to make online payments. Getting an SSL certificate is essential for a website because only then the visitors consider a website reliable and trustworthy and will purchase your product.

An SSL certificate not only ensures a safe and secure online transaction but also keep the website safe from hackers and boost the brand value.