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We believe that the place(s) you visit holds precious memories. Here, you can buy a gift certificate of your favorite place for yourself or your loved ones. Surprise your loved ones with this unique gift. You can register any place you can find on the map. Save the memories of your favorite place for eternity!
No, we are not a travel agency. We do not organize a trip to your registered place.
On Gift A Place, buying a place means saving the memories associated with the place and not buying the place itself. We are not really selling the place but only registering your favorite place in our database. By clicking the Buy Now option, you're buying a space in our database based on a particular algorithm. Therefore, after paying a small price associated, you get access to our database and register your name and place in it.
Naming a place is easy: Choose a location from Google Maps which you want to buy or gift. Next, fill out the form & choose or design a certificate. Add it to your cart and provide your shipping details. After you have checked out and paid the amount – congratulations – you're done!
The best place to buy is a place which holds special memories for you or your loved ones. It can be anywhere near you or far away or it can be any place you wish to visit. Gift A Place is where you save your memories associated with a place and send the best-personalized gift to your loved ones.
Yes, and believe us it will be the best gift for you! Name a place after yourself in the memory of everything you value about yourself. Your adventure, courage, strengths, success stories, and much more.
Yes, you can get a gift certificate for yourself or your loved ones. It is an ideal gift for everyone and anyone. You can give a gift certificate to your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion.
You can gift a place to someone on any occasion, on an anniversary, bachelorette party, birth, birthday party, baptism, Christmas, communion & confirmation, funeral, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, wedding, and the list goes on.
Yes, you can schedule the purchase for the future, and you'll receive the certificate on the scheduled date and time.
Get your gift shipped with Gift A Place in the estimated 30 days


Yes, you can track your order with a tracking link. The link is emailed to you on the completion of the delivery process, three days after you placed your order with us.
Yes. You can read our Refund Policy here.
As many as you wish to gift.
In Gift A Place, a purchased place does not mean a piece of land bought in actual terms instead it only implies that you have registered the place in your name on our website.
The users can name a place according to the FCFS – 'first come first serve' – basis. However, everybody has the right to buy the place they desire. You have to pay a higher price than the one who first registered the place in their name first.
We are always here to help you. Visit our contact us page for any query, complaint or feedback or send us an email at
We care about your privacy and have strict policy guidelines for anyone defaming or harassing you. Leave us a complaint as soon as you notice a breach of policy guidelines regarding defamation and harassment ( The action for such activities follows: The action for such activities follows:  - Cancellation of the registry of the reported user. - No money will be refunded. - We remove the name of the reported user from our database. - The place will be made available again for the purchase.
Once you have registered the place in your name, it will belong to you forever.
Certificates are always available on your dashboard. You can use your UID to login to your profile and download the certificate available on your dashboard. However, you will be required to pay an additional amount if you wish to get a hardcopy of your gift certificate.
Use QR code – Quick Response Code – to get quick and direct access to the website. It is specific and saves your time.
Remembering codes and numbers can be confusing. We provide you a UID – Unique ID Number – after you have registered a specific place in your name. It is unique in a way that makes it easy to remember. You can also select the UID of your choice from the available options.
Rest assured, you will always get a geographically accurate map of your favorite place. We have purchased APIs of Google Maps to ensure an accurate depiction of your favorite place. For the commercial purpose of printing maps on the gift certificate, we have made use of HERE Maps. However, it is to be noted that we are not responsible for the wrong image of your favorite place. We can only assure you of the accurate print of the map as shown by the HERE Maps.
You have to pay an additional amount to get your gift certificate framed.
No, we do not sell frames separately. However, if you have purchased a digital certificate and you wish to get it's hardcopy professionally framed by us then you will have to pay an additional amount.
Please note that the amount you paid for the frames is non-refundable unless you have received a damaged frame, in which case we will refund the amount you paid for the frame.
Yes. As soon as you register a place on Gift A Place, we provide you with a UID which you can later use to view your certificates by logging in to your dashboard.
When you register a place with us you will receive a link that shows the place to you online. You can search your registered place by visiting the home page of our website and look for the search option in the header.
You can only register one place at a time.
Exotic places are the places categorized based on their popularity and importance and range from Tier 1 to 7. The tiers and exotic places keep changing with the trend. Find out more about exotic places, here.
Our Exotic Place database is updated invariably. If your place is of great and significant value to you, it has a higher possibility to classify as Exotic.
You can upgrade your place to Exotic Place by paying an additional amount.
Yes, we offer a variety of certificates that are specific to each tier of Exotic Place. Along with the gift certificate for an Exotic Place, you will also receive additional benefits.




You can save and name a place on our website at reasonable prices. You can register the place and get a personalized gift certificate for 9.99 USD only. Exotic places are expensive starting from 49.99 USD because they come with a unique package of merchandise, specially designed certificates, and more happiness.
You can make online payments through PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard.
Yes. We ensure that everyone could get the most unique gift to give to their loved ones by shipping worldwide.
The shipping charges entirely depend on the location to which you want to ship the gift certificate.