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Top 10 Ways to celebrate Mother's Day | Gift A Place

Top 10 ways to celebrate Mother's Day! We are all required to adapt and find new, creative ways to spend quality time together due to the coronavirus pandemic; and unfortunately, Mother's Day is no exception. This year, families will need to be creative about how they celebrate the day and find fun things to do on Mother's Day. The fact that the usual standbys like spa visits, day trips, and brunch reservations are off the table doesn't mean you cannot celebrate the day in other ways. Given below are some unique activity ideas for celebrating the most important woman in your life that allow you to spend quality time together, whether you are in the same household or at a distance for safety.

Top 10 ways to celebrate Mother's day

Here is our list of top 10 ways to celebrate Mother's Day:

1) Gift her a pass for a virtual show or a concert

Listening to music or attending a virtual concert is one experience that you could enjoy together. Many broadway musicals, musicians, and orchestras are making their shows available online for free.

2) Gift A Place

This Mother's Day, give your mother the memory of one of the happiest days of her life, her wedding. Head to Gift A Place's website at, registering the beautiful place where she got married, under her name. You could add some photographs of her, play with the templates, and add in a lovely message, and the souvenir will be emailed to you instantly! Hurry, register before anyone else does, since Gift a Place operates on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. Watch your mother squeal in delight as she finds the beautiful gift by her bedside or in her inbox early in the morning.

3) Casual Activities

Virtually or in person, another relaxing way to spend time together is to watch a favorite movie or a TV show. There are various streaming sites that you could use to binge-watch episodes of your mother's favorite TV shows. You could also solve sudokus, crosswords, or jigsaw puzzles together - The goal of our list of happy mother's day 2020 gifts is to give great joy to your mother.

4) Order in a lovely brunch or dinner

With a lot of local businesses offering non-contact delivery options at this time, order your mom her favorite dish, and have it delivered right to your door.

5) Have a virtual celebration

At this point, there are various ways to connect virtually. One should take advantage of them, gather their family, and spend some quality time with one another on Mother's Day.

6) Baking/Cooking

Cooking and baking together have been an age-old bonding activity for parents and children. If you are quarantined with your mother, you could bake a cake or make her favorite dish together. Your mother could work beside you, prep up a few ingredients, and be your taste tester.

7) Home Spa Day

You could have a foot bath together and talk, even if you don't have nail polishes on hand. You could go that extra step and make your bath salts and essential oils, especially if you have kids. Making the products to use at your home spa could be a fun activity.

8) Relax with Music

Make your mom a playlist, this Mother's Mother's Day. Listening to music together is another activity that can be enjoyed in person together or via video call.

9) Take over the household chores for the day

Make her day better by taking over the duties for the day. Let your mother put her feet up, and relax, enjoying her day of self-care and love.

10) Create a keepsake craft together

It doesn't matter whether the DIY craft is Mother's Mother's Day-themed or something more generic, creating something unique is always a great way to spend time together. This concludes our list of ways to celebrate Mother's day 2020.

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