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Top 10 unique Valentine Date Ideas | Gift A Place

Top 10 unique Valentine Date ideas for you while everyone is busy planning a traditional date for their partners. We have curated a list of our best things to do on Valentine's day in 2020 to impress your partners this Valentine’s day.

Top 10 unique ideas to celebrate Valentine's day

Here is our list of creative Valentine's date ideas:

1) Silent Disco

If you’re bored of the regular dance floor party, and as a couple, you groove well, try going out on a silent disco date. Everyone has headphones on and can dance to your own beat. Dance your heart out to the music together, do all your signature steps and discover your combined rhythm. Shake those hips, make plenty of eye contact, and stumble upon each other all over again.

2) Food tour in your city or market place

Must do for all the foodies, even if one of the partners loves exploring and experimenting, you should definitely do a food tour of the city. If not, food, then go on a beer tasting or wine tasting activity. Enjoying delicious food together would definitely bring you guys closer, and you never know, one might find their best-loved food or drink.

3) Nature walks trails

Nature is the best-known therapy. If you’re feeling disconnected as a couple, then take some time off of social media and go for a walk or run together. You’ll have time to address your issues without any distractions, and being within a grove of trees is a meditation in itself. Plan a little picnic or camping on the riverside, and get lost in conversations with your favorite person!

4) Cooking classes

Another foodie classic is cooking classes. Go particularly for the cuisines you enjoy eating together; that might be as simple as fiery fried chicken, bao, or a bowl of pho! Learning the basics and whipping up a delicious meal together is the best time spent together. Later on, you can surprise your partner with an impromptu lunch or dinner.

5) Vineyard tour and wine tasting event

Even though I have mentioned wine tasting before, vineyard tours are another experience in itself. Sipping a glass of well-seasoned wine in front of a roaring fire, in the beautiful county-side surrounded by rolling hillocks of grape bearing vines, is simply divine. Snuggle together in the coziest rooms, while having wine and cheese, is enough to fireworks between you.

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6) Rock climbing

It is proved that an adrenaline rush makes the partner more exciting, so for your personal dose of dopamine, go and conquer your fears by bouldering together. The exciting and physically demanding routine will get your blood pumping and bring more intimacy in your relationship.

7) Explore a new place together

Map in hand, explore the city or countryside and soak in the unique charm that it has to offer. Eating in small, relatively unknown café’s and bistros, discovering the hidden gems together, would be your personal adventure. Make this even more special by getting your partner a Gift A Place certificate and immortalize your romantic expedition into the unknown.

8) Go to a public library

The library, in my opinion, is the most beautiful place on earth. A well-maintained library would engage a reader and nonreader alike. If your spouse is an ardent reader, then surprise them with this date and see them rattling off books and character names with a sparkle in their eyes. Discussing various genres, unearthing long-forgotten books, you would remember this date for a long time.!

9) Trip to an amusement park

This is a must for any top 10 unique Valentine Date ideas! Another adrenaline-boosting idea, it’s like falling in love again. Where to begin, there are a gazillion rides to conquer, junk food to gorge on, people watching, and getting cozy in the small consoles, exhilarating games! A theme park has much more to offer. If you are too bored to plan a date, then rush to the nearest theme park, you’ll have a well-planned adventure ready to begin.

10) Watch a sunrise together

And, lastly, on our list of amazing date ideas for Valentine's day! Plan this date ahead as you can soak in the sights as the brilliant orange ball of fire emerges on the horizon. Snuggle in a blanket together with a glass of something delicious and get lost as nature unveils its brilliance. You can grab breakfast on the way back, thus rejuvenated, get ready for work, and begin your day!

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