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Top 10 ideas for personalized gifts for Christmas | Gift A Place

Top 10 ideas for personalized gifts for Christmas for everyone who loves Christmas. We have curated a list of personalized Christmas Gifts only for you.

Top 10 unique Christmas gift ideas

Here is our list of personalized gift ideas for Christmas 2020:

1) Scented candles

Scented candles make a perfect gift as it fills the void left behind by the pine aroma. Several online stores sell scented candles with different flavors, or you can make the Christmas gift even more special by gifting a hand made scented candles.

2) Christmas tree ornament

Everyone has those favorite Christmas tree ornaments for which you fought to put on the Christmas tree yourself. Christmas tree ornaments make for a perfect Christmas gift because it is something people have cherished in their childhoods.

3) Lunar calendar

Lunar calendars show the phase of the moon each night. If you are bored of gifting traditional printed calendars this Christmas, you can gift a lunar calendar, instead, to your friends who are into astronomy or astrology.

4) Gift A Place

Everyone has a favorite place. This Christmas gift your loved ones their favorite place and surprise them with a gift they would never have expected. Memories, whether happy or sad, are the real wealth of a person. Gift A Place believes in cherishing memories. We are inspired to create a platform to register memories associated with a place. Gift A Place is to value every relationship and spread happiness.

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5) A collection of excellent hot chocolate mixes, a mug, and marshmallows

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that hot chocolates are traditional winter drinks. This Christmas gift your loved ones a classic collection of hot chocolate mixes along with a festive mug and marshmallows. It might help them get through this cold after all. To make it even more special, you can gift different varieties of hot chocolates such as Mexican chocolate or mint.

6) Homemade cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Homemade cookies are an ultimate present to make Christmas extra special for your loved ones.

7) A bookstore gift card

Local bookstores are amazing, and if you’re not sure what your friend or family member would enjoy reading, giving them a gift card can allow them to choose the perfect book.

8) Skincare kit for winters

A list of best-personalized gifts for Christmas 2020 is incomplete without a skincare kit. This Christmas give a gift that will protect its recipient from the worst of winter’s physiological terrors that take away all moisture from the skin. Several options are available to comprise a winter skincare kit: such as lip balm, a hand lotion, some cuticle oil, and maybe a facial moisturizer or shaving lotion.

9) Plants

Succulent plants are a perfect Christmas gift for people in small apartments up to large homes. Succulent plants make a brilliant gifting option because it does not require much care.

10) The Classic Chocolate Basket

Chocolate baskets are a perfect gift for all chocolate lovers. You don’t even have to wait for the holiday season to gift a chocolate lover a basket full of chocolates and chocolate products: milk chocolate caramels, chocolate covered cashews, milk chocolate truffles, and so much more. This concludes our list of top 10 ideas for personalized gifts for Christmas.

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