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Top 10 handmade Christmas gifts | Gift A Place

Top 10 handmade Christmas gifts will make everyone love you more when you give them the perfect presents—looking for something that you can easily make in quarantine, which will be as charming as owning a Louis bag? Okay, that was a bit far! This Christmas, make your handmade gifts the most celebrated and famous during this festive season.

Christmas is around the corner, and you don't know what to do! Especially if you're reading this in 2020, the Covid-19 era, it is challenging to go gift hunting. Due to the lockdown rule, most of the usual Christmas gifts are useless and not even worth to be used as decorations! But fear not, we have got you covered. Below are the top 10 handmade Christmas gifts that will ignite a sense of oneness within the receiver, and they will glorify your sensitive gesture!

  1. Countdown Candle For Christmas and New year

    This gift from the list of top ten handmade Christmas gifts is probably the easiest to make. A candle with a calendar on it wherein, as the date passes by, can be crossed out with a pen or pencil, or you can even scratch it out! It is a simple Christmas reminder that you will handmade, and the idea makes it quite witty.

  2. Clay earring holder DIY

    It is one of the most creative gifts in our list of top ten handmade gifts for Christmas, especially for DIY-lovers! All you need is some polymer clay, toothpicks, bowl mold, rolling pin, spray, and sponge. The method to make this holder is simple. The clay is to be moved into the dough and then molded with the help of the bowl. Once the structure is complete, you have to put it in the oven and follow instructions. The toothpicks will help to create holes for earrings and studs.

  3. Wine and' trophy.'

    Now you can turn your empty wine bottles into a unique yet optimally used product, which are your trophies! The trick to this fantastic idea into action is quite simple. You stick these trophies on top of the wine corks with glue or any other adhesive that stays for longer. It will be a unique representation of the holiday season when the guests keep on coming in. This handmade gift idea is easy to make, as well.

  4. Cash tree

    I know what you're thinking, and guess what? You are right! On our list for Christmas, it is probably the least effort required gift made by oneself. The best part of gifting a wad of cash to someone is that it's not only of most value but also will spare any disappointments to both the gift receiver and the gift giver. Instead of handing a wad of cash, like your brown (only Indians) friend's relatives do at their family functions, you can grab a stick strong enough to hold those bills and, like a Christmas tree, fold each tab more enormous than the previous one, in ascending order. You can use rubber bands to keep the cash onto the stick if you don't want to use glue or any other adhesive.

  5. Sewed sunglasses case DIY

    Another DIY Christmas handmade idea has landed on our top 10 homemade gifts list. It is, however, for the ones who know how to sew. But fear not, for it requires only a beginners' level of sewing and you can learn a new skill in the holidays! You can make these cases out of ¼ yard of fabric strong enough to hold the sunglasses. You can turn a circular or rectangular shape of the material into a case by just sewing it into a cone-like structure, deep and wide enough to hold goggles.

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  6. Photo candles

    This gift idea requires some double tape, a candle, and some photos! The method is simple. First off, you have to find the right-sized candle holder which is wide enough to put pictures on, and it can be a mason jar or some likewise kitchenware. Next, the photos must have a horizontal view, for it will be easier to put on the holders without cutting off a part within it. Lastly, the holder's outer has to be double taped, and the photos will stick onto them. A lit candle inside would give a luminous look to it.

  7. Customized handkerchiefs

    It is a thoughtful Christmas gift idea that will positively impact the receiver due to its constant reminder! The hankies can either be sewed or written on with some ink that won't go after it has been out of the laundry multiple times! We suggest that you get it sewed on! The hankies can have single statements on it like 'you are the best' or 'bless your heart' or just some inside jokes.

  8. Designer magnets

    What if the little magnets on your refrigerator can be made more fun, like drawing a human or animal mouth on it so that It looks like it is eating once you place something on it. The designs can be of your own choice. The magnets can be used in a kitchen or your friend's makeup room to collect all her bobby pins or even for kids to play.

  9. Personalized diffuser

    It is a perfect addition to your scent-obsessive friends and family members. If you don't know their favorite scent, you can mix up and combine essential oils in a container and place diffuser sticks into it. It is a simple festive handmade gift that every household member will appreciate.

  10. Ice globes

    A fantastic finishing to our top 10 handmade gifts list for Christmas is this ice or snow cubicle. You can easily find tutorials on the internet, and the gift idea will make you homesick! The glitter as snow inside a mason jar with a little Christmas tree makes it look like any other Christmas tree outside a shop in Canada!

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