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Top 10 best gifts to men for birthdays are never easy to find. Birthdays are one of the most awaited celebrations of the year. Be it an adult or a child, everyone gets excited: not because we're getting a year older, but the thought of receiving gifts from our dear ones excite us, it makes us feel special and loved. We're usually in a tight spot when it comes to shopping gifts for men. We wish to give the choicest gifts of all to the men who play different roles: the husband, the father, the soul mate, the boyfriend, the brother, and the son. They seem to have absolutely anything and everything.

10 unique gifts for men on birthdays

Here we are in an attempt to help you out of the long-standing dilemma. We will suggest you ten best birthday gifts for men. Without further ado, let's get started with our list of top 10 best gifts to men for birthdays:

1) Watch:

Watch is one of the most elegant and timeless gifts that you can ever gift. Wristwatches have almost gone out of fashion since the invention of smartphones. Smartwatches would be a great option if your man is tech-savvy; if he is old school, you can give him a classic analog metal band watch.

2) Fragrance:

Gifting your man a bottle of perfume is something you can never go wrong with. It is a gift that is certain to be a hit with any man. Versace, Dior, Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio are some of the best perfumes you can gift.

3) Wallet:

Wallets are one of the most practical and necessary items in our daily lives, and it is an essential accessory for men. A personalized, high-quality leather wallet is going to be among the great, well-appreciated, and unique birthday gifts for him.

4) Leather belt:

You could never go wrong by gifting a high-quality leather belt. It is one of the necessities which a man needs. Be it formal or casual, gifting a branded belt would surely delight him.

5) Gift A Place:

Certain places we go to are just engraved in our memory forever. You might have had some unforgettable experiences with your loved ones there. It might be your honeymoon destination, the coffee shop you went on your first date or your wedding venue; such places are of great significance. What if we say, you can register that place in the name of your beloved. That sounds like a fantastic gift, right! This, for sure, will light up celebrant's face with joy.

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Gift A Place is a website that helps you avail a location-based personalized gift. You can claim the place of your choice in just three steps! (no rocket science theory involved). Choose the location of your choice from Google Maps and name it your way. Next, fill out a form and choose or design yourself a certificate. Add it to your cart after checking out and paying a small amount– Voila, you're done! The places that you choose can be anywhere near you or a far-off location. Some places are ranked higher because of their popularity, such places come under exotic places, on the website. Gift A Place is where you uniquely preserve your memories associated with a place and send a gift to your loved ones.

6) A good pair of leather shoes:

A new pair of shoes is the reason for happiness, not just for women but also for men. Gifting your favorite man, a classic pair of formal leather shoes, will be one of the best birthday gifts. We can guarantee that he will love this one!

7) Jersey of his favorite sports team:

If your loved one is a great sports enthusiast, gifting him a personalized jersey of his favorite sports team, is one of the best gifts to men for birthdays. Men have great pride for their favorite sports team, so make sure you know their preferences, and gift them the best.

8) A bottle of good old wine:

A must on the list of birthday gifts for men! A bottle of wine is a great gift when you are pretty much unsure of their likes and dislikes. If your beloved is a wine lover, then there is no gift better than this. It will make them feel special, like no other gift.

9) Portable power bank:

Our lives are entirely dependent on smartphones. It is there with us in almost everything we do. Power banks help us keep our phones charged when we are in the move, it is a perfect companion for our phones. Gifting this would delight them.

10) A pair of sunglasses:

Sunglasses make a great birthday gift, and you can never go wrong with that. The best thing about sunglasses is that it can be fashionable and useful at the same time. Make sure you are aware of the type of face and the fashion choices the celebrant has to select the best one that will suit him well. If you pick the perfect shades for him, he will love wearing that all the time.

Here we conclude our list of best gifts for men 2020.

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