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Ten best Christmas gifts for neighbors. Want to save some money on presents this year? Or do you like to offer anything after all that happened in 2020 with more personal effort? These top 10 handmade gift ideas will undoubtedly make both you and your people happy if you have some extra time and a few art skills.

Few ideas may need some extra stuff, but mostly you might be able to pull off with objects you already have in your house. So this has the added benefit of being perfect for your spending, and almost anything you currently have on hand can be achieved with these fantastic DIY Christmas ideas.

Apart from the fact that you are saving some extra bucks when you'll give these handmade gifts to your loved one, they will for sure feel the passion that you had put in. Following are the ten best Christmas gifts for neighbors. Let's begin!

  1. Irish Cream

    Any Christmas party is incomplete without deserts; one better way to fulfill everyone's sugar carving is with Irish cream. It's delicious and tastes really good. Your family and friends are going to be amazed by the fact that you made it yourself! What's even more exciting is just how quick and fast it is to make it; of course, it had to be among the top 10 handmade Christmas gift ideas.

    The recipe for homemade Irish cream is beyond easy to make and very inexpensive. Just grab some bottles like these and jazz them up using whatever you can find around the building. Finish it with a Hessian ribbon. These are some of the best Christmas gifts for 2020.

  2. ASMR Slime

    It takes three minutes and three ingredients to make this one of the top 10 handmade Christmas gifts. It can keep children entertained for hours that makes it a creative DIY Christmas present for young kids.

    Making slime is pretty straightforward; all you need is some simple ingredients baking soda, salt, and food coloring; there you go, your Christmas gift is finished! By adding some glitter to the mixture, you can also make it as festive as you like!

  3. Handmade Woolen Scarfs

    The best part is that both men and women can wear it, so why not give them one also you're protecting them from winter and at least the neck. This is undoubtedly the best Christmas gift for your neighbors.

  4. Christmas Decorative Items

    Homemade decorations are a simple choice when searching for innovative DIY Christmas gifts. It not only works well but is also always something you can do as an activity during the holidays by meeting family and friends to make things hang from the tree together.

    You don't necessarily need to go buy stuff from the market for most things you will have in your household. This is undoubtedly among the best Christmas gift ideas for neighbors.

  5. Handmade Kitchen Rack

    For the foodies, it's a never-ending struggle to have cluttered kitchen compartments. With more cooking equipment and ingredients accumulated, it can be challenging to find something fun and trendy without blowing your budget.

    Great for people who want to cook and their kitchen in particular. Gifting one of these to your foodie friend or family member is a great idea. To do this, you need some materials, but you can easily purchase from someone else to search for local Facebook exchange groups to stop paying yourself for them.

  6. Personalized Recipe Book

    When you're looking for heartfelt handmade Christmas presents that are inexpensive, a personalized recipe book with friends and family inputs certainly fits the requirements. You will have to be a little prepared to approach people in the weeks leading up to Christmas. All you need is to ask your people about their favorite recipes, and once you've got everyone's favorite dishes, gathering them in a book and getting them printed will be all that simple.

    You might also add a theme to it. If a family or friend has just had a baby, a recipe book with recipes for newborns will work perfectly. Your loved one is going to enjoy it.

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  8. Handmade Custom Designer Face Mask

    The best thing to make for your friends and family is a unique style is a custom face mask. You shall no longer have to make your own mask out of scratch or buy a blank mask to customize; you can use leftover scraps of fabric from T-shirts or other cloth items that you don't wear anymore.

    Make the mask special with long strings for a cool vibe with flair and pastel colors. A sewing machine is not required. For your loved ones' new trendy face mask, a simple embroidery kit is a convenient way to make a pattern. These are certainly unique Christmas gifts for neighbors, particularly during this ongoing pandemic.

  9. Handmade Sugar Body Scrub

    For these homemade sugar scrubs, you will need to go to the kitchen. This is a perfect way to give your neighbors a new home by making a soothing and festive scrub for a loved one if you have any empty mason jars.

    You probably already have many of these ingredients at home, such as sugar, honey, and coconut oil. Pick up some Vitamin E oil and essential peppermint oil to give the scrub it's Christmas twist.

  10. Handmade Customized Key Chains

    Gifting something that can be put to good use is the secret to a great gift, making these customized chains a fantastic gift for your loved ones. Chains are never out of trends and are like an all-rounder fashion accessory. You can make little charms of their favorite movie or a special date of their life on the keychain to give them something they can't buy anywhere.

  11. Handmade Customised Phone Cases

    Without a matching phone case, no mirror selfie is full, and what's cooler than getting a personalized phone case? You can create customized phone cases with a little leftover paint or nail polish on hand, printing some favorite tweets or celebrity crushes, or pressing some flowers.

    Begin with a primary transparent case and let your imagination run wild. It indeed is part of the top ten handmade Christmas gifts list. We all know how much young kids and adults are attached to their smartphones, giving them a customized case sounds like a good Christmas gift idea.

  12. Lastly

    There you go, so there are ten handmade Christmas gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones. From body scrub to customized phone cases, the list has items for all ages for youngsters, body scrub for women, and slime for stressed adults. Check out the above list and get started with the process; your people will love these handmade gifts.

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