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Love gifts for men | Gift A Place

Love gifts for men | Gift A Place

Love gifts for men can be hard to pick. Don’t worry ladies we are here with exceptional gift ideas to help you come across unique gift ideas for a guy of dashing masculinity. Ladies, we all have been there. A gift for anyone is not rocket science, but as soon as it comes to presenting the men a meaningful gift, we get lost. Offering favorite items to our beloved man though is nice but gifting the same type of stuff you might have been presenting for long is not an imprudent step.

The Gifts men love to receive

Give your worries a rest having a look at the list of 13 love gifts for men that would be of the greatest joy to any man, be it your father, brother, friend, boyfriend, or your handsome husband.

1) Canvas duffle bags:

Guys love to be stylish. Not only do they want to look good but also accessorize well. These subtle bags look great, are very spacious for the kinds of ‘man tools’ boys talk about, and easily our pick for romantic gifts for him.

2) Personalized drinkware:

Men love their beer, also their coffee or tea. So get in touch with a local shop that would make these custom mugs or just order online. Every time a sip of that liquid would remind them of you, which will help the guys not to overdo!

3) Cordless trimmer:

This gift is for all our scruffy guys who still have a problem in trimming themselves. Easily available on Amazon, this trimmer can easily be used to avoid total shaving and hence save time. The advantage of it being cordless will help the men to ‘move in the right direction.’

4) Cookbook subscription:

Other unique gifts for men can include a cookbook subscription. If he loves cooking or doesn’t even know the meaning of the letter ‘c’ in it, this subscription would be a life savior. The lovers would get monthly surprises, and the oblivions would get a monthly supply of necessities so that they don’t have to live on order-ins.

5) Gift A Place:

Remember your dad’s favorite restaurant where he took you to celebrate his promotion. That one time when your brother told you how much he liked the barista of that café down the street, what if you can make them the ‘owner’ of their favorite place? The team at will make it happen; you just need to register yourself and then follow the procedure. You will own any place on earth (on google maps!), if nobody owns it as it’s a first come first ‘own’ service.

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6) Customized wallets:

Guys almost lose their wallets everywhere. It’s not their fault; men’s wallets are smaller in size than us women’s. So get them a customized wallet with their names or any personal message that can help find the wallet, but also, when they do, they will thank you.

7) Sleep aids:

The struggle is real when the men in our houses snore louder than twenty drilling machines, working at once! It is difficult for others to sleep but also is a sign that the snorers are not getting proper sleep. You can either order these online via Amazon or buy it at any medical/general store.

8) Skincare mandate:

We know they will say they don’t need, but trust us, ladies, men do want to have nice and healthy skin, but they just don’t know how to. Try to know their skin type, their allergies, and gift them just the right combo of products. Also, give them a tutorial of the usage too!

9) Stress reliever blankets:

Available on Amazon, these weighted blankets are so light and fluffy that one of the many features says they help relieve stress. A comfortable blanket is the roadway to a content sleep and hence to an amazing day. All his productiveness would be because of your gift!

10) Accessories:

You can always stick to classics and give the guys a set of everyday use accessories like watches, sunglasses, trendy bracelets, waist belts, cufflinks, etc. Men might not have a lot to accessorize with, but whatever they have, they like to keep it unique.

11) Sliders and shoes:

Footwear is an important part of everyone’s outfit, especially men. Unlike us ladies, men have a surprising huge category of footwear like sliders, slippers, shoes, boots, loafers, etc. You need to understand the taste of guys in this case as they just won’t wear anything. Also, don’t forget to ask their shoe size without hinting anything!

12) Engraved knife:

To their contentment, you can gift them a simple pocket knife, which is not much of a weapon but may come handy while fighting off criminals or simply to cut an apple!

13) Apparel business:

A bit late on the list, but it will always be a classics’ winner. Find out about his favorite outfit and the colors he likes the most, put together a nice set of clothes that he just can’t refuse. It will also help him out in the future, when he struggles to find something new to wear, after repeating the same outfit for a week!

It might be difficult to buy gifts for the men in our lives, but if you stick with our list of gifts for him, it’s all worth it in the end when they accept it without any expectation and with an unexpected huge smile. A thoughtful gesture like this would make every man’s day.

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