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How to declare self-love amid stressful times? | Gift A Place

How to declare self-love amid stressful times? This is one question we all have been asking for the past few months. Happy! Fun! Meaningless! Beautiful! Anything you may describe the ‘life’ as it is just not one thing, and that is ‘a bed of roses.’ It gets hard sometimes and precedes the intensity enough to make you love yourself less than needed.

Ways to declare self-love

Times may get difficult and easy. They can tease your patience to breakdown or can cheer you up to float among the sunny breezes. One thing which will keep you going is love. ‘Love’ is as important to life as oxygen is to heart. Yeah, right. It keeps the other one beating. Here is our list of how to declare self-love amid stressful times to boost your self- love and wear some healthy vibes.

1) Sometimes, love is not enough:

There can be plenty of reasons for not being able to love yourself. None of them can be strong enough to justify the consequences. Whatever is going through your life, there will be one person who will always be there to handle it with you. It is you. Hence, it becomes essential for you to love not only you but also understand yourself. You cannot be right or pleasing every time. It is fine to speak your heart out. Even if you have hurt somebody or yourself, owing to it. Do not fall victim to guilt or over-thinking. Try not to repeat the mistake. Analyze your behavior and reduce the roots of your behavior, which causes you to despair yourself.

Do not waste more than a day on it, understand yourself, and realize that some things are involuntarily, but you can control the damage. Respect yourself for doing all the good things you have done so far. Mistakes are inevitable, but repeating them is surely not. Do not contemplate much upon what is done. Mend it upon what is on the way. Set yourself free and decide for yourself the simple ways to practice self-love.

2) Gift A Place:

Give a final blow to all the negativity. Upgrade yourself. Work harder on everything you own. From your sleeping hours to diet chart, from the way you travel to the amount of time you are giving your career, level everything up.

Travel more and explore the destinations which you were thinking to go ‘one day.’ Live the dreams while you move across nature’s bounty. Place not only lead you to explore the beauty of them but also of your inner self. Do not put only extra effort, also reward yourself. Get yourself extra hours of sleep when you hit the gym for seven consecutive days. Eat a bar of chocolate when you took care of your diet well.

When you visit a place that makes you feel like you own it, gift it to yourself. ‘Gift A Place’ lets you own the place for which you hold a special place in your heart. It declares your name at the place on the map. Register your name on the map. Get a certificate and decorate the walls of your drawing room with the confidence and epiphanies you brought in to your house from the place.

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3) Pursue a hobby:

Self- love, may have depreciated due to the two major reasons- lack of self- confidence, or when you have been into something so much that you have completely forgotten about yourself. For either way, this is a perfect solution.

There are always good days and bad days. While good days are fleeting, bad days need to be shunned off. You need to throw them out of the window actively. When nothing good is happening to make you feel worthy, you need inspiration from inside to keep accelerating. You can add a new hobby or can go back to an older love to your list of ways to practice self-care during times of stress. Accomplish it. You will know how diverse you are and have a lot more potential than anyone thinks you have.

Getting over something that has drained you completely is tough. But, it falls like a stick to the pile in front of the strength you possess. You only need to shift your mind towards things that push you forward towards a better you. Embrace hobbies that lead you to better things. You will eventually start not only to love you but also to the part which led you to become what you are. This concludes our list of tips to cope with stress.

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