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How to decide the perfect gift? | Gift A Place

How to decide the perfect gift, the bittersweet plight every happy occasion shares! The age-old dilemma is only getting complicated as the modern days have exposed us to a variety of gifts. The two people, who play the key role in this exchange, the giver and the taker, keep interchanging their positions often and sometimes the gifts as well.

Ways to decide unique gifts for everyone

There is an unexpressed pleasure in choosing the perfect gift, even if the gift is just formality. However, when you mean it right from the bottom of your heart, the hunt to find the perfect gift becomes real.

Do you remember the first gift you ever received? No? Yes? How old were you then? Even if the number is in single digit, you can recall the happiness you felt while giving or accepting the gifts. That assures the fact that ‘gifty’ pleasure is natural to us as humans. We tend to get happy to get something to our loved ones. When they love what we have got them, happiness cannot be expressed.

But, how to decide the perfect gift? How to know which gift is the exact object that can put the brightest smile on their face and get you the imaginary ‘Best Gift’ award? To solve the mess, we have brought you some effective measures to find a perfect gift.

1) Suits:

Not the famous TV Show, neither the apparels but the verb, ‘suits.’ One thing that comes before anything while getting on to decide a gift is knowing the person who is getting the gift.

If you do not know about the person a lot, try to learn about the simple things. The culture they belong to, the workplace, high school, the age, or something as simple as their appearance in public will get you a larger picture to determine what they will like to receive as a gift.

You need not make flowcharts for the process. A few moments to ponder and a keen eye are enough to get to know a person. The major aspect to remember must be the kind of personality the person carries. Even if you are planning to gift a handbag, remember if they like quirky or simple designs; or bright or dull colors.

For example- If you remember that the only books or movies they talk about are Harry Potter, a customized letter from ‘Hogwarts’ will do wonders as a gift. Someone who always wears a popping color might not like a somber watch.

2) Bond:

‘007’, ‘The story of James Bond’ has nothing to do here. While choosing the perfect gift, you need to keep in mind the relationship you share with the person. Stay confined to the usual gifts as pens and watches with people you do not know a lot about. To the people you actually know, pour your heart out in front of them with some lovely gifts available in the market. If it is your first gift to your partner or on a specific occasion to a family member, you can try something special as a ‘flash mob’ or gifting a place.

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3) The Element of Surprise:

The most important on our list of ways to find the perfect gift! Whenever someone is expecting a gift, they love to get surprised. You do not have actually to astonish them. Something different which they could not have guessed or is not overused makes the gift dearer to the people. People love to receive something which has been little fussed about or is a wholly new concept.

4) Trendy:

Here, ‘trend’ does not refer to the mainstream objects, but rather the pioneering trends in gifting. Customized gifts or Personalized gifts are the new best things among gift options. However, some personalized gifts being redundant; some are still fresh ideas. One way in which personalized gifts are better than others is the concern behind choosing the gifts.

It gives a feeling of being special to the one who accepts the gift. For example- ‘Gift A Place’ is a personalized gift option that lets you register the name at a place on the map. Fresh gifting options like these are making a good buzz these days for their innovative and effective ideas. This concludes our list of how to choose the perfect gift?

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