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How Stargazing Fulfilled the Hearty Wish of A Lover

Stargazing is one of the most relaxing activities. It helps in reducing stress and makes us more compassionate toward others. Most of us have been fond of stargazing since our childhood & still we do love doing this. It works like a release from the chaos of the world. You can’t agree less as to how amazing it feels to be surrounded by the silence of the night and the calm of the night skies, away from the din of the city.


Near to this feeling, is the story of Shawn, whose adoration for skywatching changed his life, and how Gift A Place helped him in turning his dreams to reality. Shawn was brought up in Scranton, a city in Pennsylvania. He met Natasha during an inter-school competition. He was a sports enthusiast and took part in almost all the extra-curricular activities. He still remembers how his heartbeats started increasing pace by pace when she caught him staring at her from across the school corridor. “Why are you staring at me like that?” she had asked him in a snobbish tone, after the day 1 competitions were over. “I am sorry… it's just,” this was all that he could say. Because he knew how baffled he’d become when she came near him. 


On day two, they met again as the school representatives, regarding the discussion of the events to be followed for the day. After spending some time which, of course, increased their familiarity, they came to know about each other’s where-abouts. Surprisingly, they had many things in common, one such was their love for nature. Meanwhile, day two passed, with only two out of ten teams being selected for the final round of the debate, which was to be held the next day. Soon, day three ended and Natasha's team won the final round of the debate on the topic, The Importance of Nature. Natasha’s team was celebrating their victory but Shawn was somehow disappointed by the defeat.


After packing his luggage to leave for home the next day, he went to the terrace as he couldn’t sleep. Something was disturbing him but he couldn’t understand what it was. He was almost lost in his thoughts, when he heard a familiar voice saying, “Yes. I'll be back tomorrow.” It was Natasha, he knew the sound of her voice. “I’m sorry for today,” she said to him. As a smile danced on her lips.

“It’s fine. You all did a fabulous job,” he replied looking into deep-brown eyes once more. 


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