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Buy creative DIY gifts for Christmas. Are you a creative person who finds giving readymade gifts to their loved ones to be boring? You should not stop reading this article as we will help you to shower a creative touch upon your gifts.

1. Air plants

You can easily gift air plants tucked in small wood pots. It is perfect for window ledges, bookshelves, and office desks; air plants make for bright and uplifting decor. Plus, they last all year long. It will be one of the creative DIY ideas for home decor.

2. Love Coupons

Making professional-looking coupons for this year's Christmas gifts will be hassle-free. Right from movie nights to breakfast in bed, personalize your vouchers for the special ones in your life, do everything with them. These would be excellent to gift along with a personalized holiday card for your loved ones.

3. Rose Hibiscus Whipped Body Butter

Please help them to practice self-care by giving them rose hibiscus whipped body butter. Add aroma oils of fragrances like hibiscus, rose, lavender, or mint for a relaxing fragrance. Add it into small glass jars with lids for effortless and pretty packaging. Isn't it one of the creative DIY ideas?

4. Handmade Vinyl Record Books

Designing a stylish journal or notebook using vinyl records for the cover will touch their hearts. Use this DIY for any music enthusiasts on your list, especially if they have an affinity for writing down stories, memories, or to-do lists.

5. Cozy Sherpa Blanket

Gift a cozy and special present this year. A custom sherpa fleece blanket will fulfill all their needs: comfort, warmth, and style. There is a blanket for all of them on your friends' list, and it's excellent for cozy nights inside this pretty blanket.

6. Knit Potholders

A perfect project for knitting beginners, these knit potholders make for personal and useful Christmas gifts. Select a neutral color like grey or match the kitchen decor of the beloved person on your list.

7. Rosemary And Grapefruit Scented Candles

Brighten up the holiday season with unique homemade candles. Choose metallic vessels to hold the wax, and infuse your creation with any fragrance you want, like rosemary, vanilla, or lemongrass.

8. Galaxy Painted Notebook

This holiday season, provide the gift of inspiration with a handpainted notebook. Mix vivid paint colors to create a galaxy scene on the front and back covers.

9. DIY Battleship Sweets Game

Add a spin on the traditional battleship game by making a donut-inspired board. Your buddies will be screaming "A2!" and absorbing battleships in grand style.

10. Your Garden Stone

If you have a family member that adores to garden, the garden stone is a beautiful keepsake and display. Just personalize it with a name and wrap it up in a festive bow or a red ribbon. It'll make their garden look sunny and beautiful no matter what the weather is outside.

11. Shell Casing And Crystal Necklace

Do you require a gift for your mother, girlfriend, or sister? Design your necklaces and other ornaments using a bullet shell casing and rock crystal pieces. The neutral colors make it to match with many styles and outfits.

12. Dip Dyed Woven Baskets

These pretty woven baskets make life easier for people with busy lifestyles, as they store small items like earrings and keys. You can do tie-dyeing your baskets in either a pastel or dark color scheme so it will match with any home decor.

13. DIY Jewelry

Design your jewelry with custom text or initials. Give them to all special females in your life, like mothers, colleagues, and loved ones.

14. Textured Wood Coasters

Coasters are not only used to keep glass rings at bay, but they add style to any area in the home. Select some of their favorite pictures to add and pair these textured wood coasters with pretty glasses or their favorite bottle of wine.

15. DIY Clear Makeup Bag

Boost a traditional cosmetic bag by adding durable waterproof stickers. Personalize bags for your family and friends so they can store their makeup and travel-sized items like shampoo and conditioner.

16. DIY Decoupage Trinket Trays

Dress up a regular catchall tray with decoupage and plenty of colorful paint. Your special ones will have a way to capture odds and ends around the house, like their keys and jewelry.

17. Neon Marble Dinnerware

Are you looking for a DIY present for a college student getting established in his or her first apartment? If so, the neon marbled dinnerware is sure to delight. In addition to it, you'll have as much fun painting it as they do use it!

18. MOM Art Print

There's nothing that spells MOM like a beautifully framed image of her children. Simple to create and customize with your favorite photos, They can save this MOM art print for generations to come and looks stunning on a wall full of adorable family photos. It is the most creative DIY wall decor idea ever!

19. Pumpkin Lip Scrub

Dry and chapped lips often annoy us in the wintertime. Treat your family and companions to a homemade lip scrub that both exfoliates and smooths their lips. Put whichever fragrance you want, though pumpkin spice sure seems to be a favorite.

20. DIY Emoji Ornaments

This holiday season, give your loved ones an extra smile—and we mean literally. Make your emoji ornaments with the same ones you might send in a text, whether that's the angel emoji or the one with the big, sneaky grin on its face. Or, if you're looking for a way to put this year's Christmas photo to use, consider making personalized family Christmas ornaments. And you can also hang them on the wall, and they will be an easy DIY Christmas wall decoration.

Hence, these are the creative DIY gifts for Christmas that you can gift to your loved ones. Your efforts and little time can create happiness and magical smiles on the faces of your loved ones.

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