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Best gift options for a friend's birthday - Pandemic situation are particularly hard to decide. Buzz! Buzz! Your best friends’ birthday is around the corner again. But before you forget about the day again, it is the time that you remind your best friend, how much you miss them, the fun you all used to have together, and the gang altogether. Surprise your best friend(s) by letting them know how ‘the busiest person they say they know’ cares for their special day.

The pandemic angle says that you might not be able to gather around your predestined table at your own ‘Central Perk’ café. However, that no way adds up to a dull birthday of your best friend(s). With you and the other chums of your old-cool gang, it is going to be fun. We have put together a list of quarantine gift ideas you may try for a pleasant birthday present!

Unique gift ideas for friend's birthday

Here is our list of ideas of celebrating a birthday in the time of COVID-19:

1) FaceTime:

As much we know that the need of the hour is not to hold the hands but to hold on to each other as firmly as we can. Everyone who fumbled upon their birthdays is probably destined to have the most anxious birthday of their lives. But, not when they have got friends like you. Conversations with your people are the best thing to have amid difficulties. You cannot wait to meet them. Do FaceTime at the zero hours and feel free to behave like an over-enthusiastic teenage high schooler. You can make a lot cooler than it sounds. Sing songs like you would have back in time. Dance together. Make virtual a real-time thing, and this way, plant a smile for the rest of their birthday.

2) Gift A Place:

Places form not only a grid of latitudes and longitudes running crazily across the globe but also the first encounter spots, places you used to hang out, favorite child parks, nostalgic classrooms and many more creating a grid not aligned geometrically, but in a pattern away from everyone’s home town.

One thing we all are missing during the crisis is the freedom to hit the places that defined us more than the people. Why not gift your best friend the place they are craving for. Gift A Place offers you to choose a place and register it in your name, exclusively. You can choose a place and also define the price of the place you are willing to register your name at. The ‘place’ will be registered in the name you want, forever, never to be changed. It registers the place on a ‘First come, first serve’ basis. You can gift them the place you used to hang out the most, a trip that is as memorable as your bond or the spot, which makes you giggle on remembering the mischief you used to make.

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3) A movie together:

Did emotional dialogs exchanges leave you both secretly sobbing in the theatre? Did a lame joke make you guys split your sides? Did a heartbreaking conflict on the screen give you both chilly arguments to banter for the next few months? Well! It is all that a good movie does to best friends. Do not worry if you are afraid that it will be a long time before we return to those instances again. The show must go on, and the situations have replaced the theatre with Netflix. So, here is a little change this time, instead of ‘Netflix and Chill’, try making it ‘Call, Netflix and Chill.’ A different experience this time will let you see the movie simultaneously, knowing that what chills your friends so that you can bitch about it later.

4) Subscriptions:

Last on our list of quarantine birthday gift ideas! So, what do you do these days? Feed on subscriptions of websites that have amazing content to deliver. Well! That is the exact thing people around you have been doing too. So, how many apps you have subscription of? Whether it is one, or it is 10, there is always a space to adjust more.

Ponder upon that what will excite your friend, ad-free music, good movie content, if they are an anime fan, appreciates new hobbies, or is into fitness stuff. Buy a subscription of such an app or website and push them a step close to what they want to be. This concludes our list of Best gift options for a friend's birthday - Pandemic situation.

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