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Best Christmas gift ideas for college students. It is that time of the year where all budget-restrained college students get their minds off the deadlines and concentrate on the holidays! Mainly because they hope to get something they want or even a gift which would make their college life easier. Kids these days are a tough audience but fear not boomers, we've got your back! Our list of the top 20 best Christmas gift ideas for college students will help you choose just the right gift to impress the Gen-Zs!

  1. Journal planner

    A big journal planner book has topped our list of best Christmas gift ideas for college students in 2020 (the era of coronavirus!). It will be helpful to any college student to get some clarity and distinction in her schedule. This sturdy planner has space to keep track of all activities.

  2. Automatic kettle

    Another important tool for college students, especially on chilly nights of December when they have to be up all night for the morning presentation, an electric and automatic kettle would help them make hot cocoa or espresso to keep going!

  3. Headphones

    This gift idea on our list of good Christmas gift ideas for college students has rightfully owned its place. From Apple's Airpods to other brands' noise-canceling headphones, this gift will be portable and easy to operate between tasks.

  4. Device cooling base

    Our list of top Christmas gifts for college students has another relatable product that will be loved by all! This device's cooling base is pad-shaped and meant to keep the laptop at a normal temperature whenever more work and less time for the device can cool off.

  5. Portable caddy

    A side table or support for quick accommodation of important notes or favorite pens is a must for every college student. It's not only convenient but also gives extra space.

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  7. LED lamp with wireless charging

    Our list of top Christmas gifts 2020 for college students has basic as well as technology-inclined gift ideas to make college life easier. This table lamp will accompany kids to pull an all-nighter when their roommates have turned off the central light and also will charge their phones on the side!

  8. Netflix membership

    This Netflix prime subscription will help many young college students work out their queries and, in their spare time, watch some web series, etc.!

  9. Oxygen purifier

    This gift will make the kid breathe in the fresh air out of the stinky college dorm smell and germs. This air purifier is not expensive to be unaffordable and has amazing portability to fit almost at every corner.

  10. Organic bath bombs

    These bath bombs will relax the kids when they had a rough day at college or even a tough, athletic event. These bath bombs dissolve as soon as they come in contact with water. And they smell nice!

  11. Phone projector

    This gift idea under the list of Christmas gifts for broke college students mainly! Not too expensive, the phone projector has a section wherein you can adjust your phone and then start playing it anywhere!

  12. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

    This gift idea is fit for college kids during the holidays! Be it a beach party or a house one, these waterproof Bluetooth speakers are medium in size and have an exquisite color, making them more attractive, and the speakers themselves have good sound.

  13. Stress squishy

    This little rubber ball is so squishy that amid the stress of finals and assessments, kids can just get in some hand exercises and relieve their stress with the help of the squishy!

  14. Laundry basket

    This gift on our list of cheap Christmas gift ideas for college students is another product made out of cotton that makes laundry day an easy activity. The bag is easy to wash and can be used over and over again.

  15. 'Meals in a cup' cookbook

    This cookbook will help out every college student during the days when the canteen food is inedible! This unfortunate situation is something everyone has gone through in their lives once. A cookbook to cook your meals in a cup that defines its simplicity in making it appreciated by the receivers.

  16. Temperature water bottle

    This water bottle keeps the contents inside it, according to their temperature. If the liquid is cold or hot, it will stay the same way. The students can also use this bottle to sneak in some coffee during class for the hangover from last night's party!

  17. Popcorn maker

    This handy gift on our list of cheap Christmas gift ideas for college students will adjust just fine! The popcorns take 4 mins to pop up and ready to serve. The maker's structure is small enough to take up a side or corner in the kitchen or even in the kids' dorm rooms, right beside their closet!

  18. Electrical cooktop

    An electrical or induction cooktop is the best gift idea, especially for our list of Christmas gift ideas for poor students. The cooktop is readily available either online or at any kitchenware shop. This electrical cooktop will be helpful mainly because there's no good food on the campus or those who can't afford to eat the same from there.

  19. Eye mask

    This gift might be very simple but has value to those who need it. When college students have to share their rooms with others, there is a solid possibility of a procrastinator pulling an all-nighter to submit an assignment due the next day. A soft, eye cover would be helpful for others to sleep!

  20. Sheet set

    No college student has all the time in the world to go do laundry every Wednesday! So a gift of fresh sheets would be a great offering on the holidays.

  21. Alarm clock with light

    This gift will be used by college students the most! It is an alarm clock at the base with a dim color night light at its top level.

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