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Unique gift for girlfriend | Gift A Place

Unique gift for girlfriend | Gift A Place

Unique gift for girlfriend gets you paranoid? Do you think how to get yourself acquainted with a unique gift for a girlfriend you love? Shed your anxiety guys. We are here with unique gifts for your girlfriend who you want to hypnotize with your unique gift item. Love for a girlfriend is boundless and so is its emotional significance, that can’t be expressed through any means except the special present. Be it an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion you must eternalize its significance with exceptional gift ideas we are sharing over here.

15 unique gift ideas for girlfriend

Let’s have a look at 15 unique gifts for girlfriend that has got to meltdown your beloved’s heart unbelievably.

1) Personalized wooden photo frame:

This unique photo frame cut out in the shape of your lady love will impress her, but those little side racks for your couple pictures will make her fall in love with you all over again. And the best part is that it’s readily available on online shopping platforms as ‘Unique stuff personalized gift wooden cut-out photo frame stand customized with your photos.’

2) Heart of the ocean:

If your bae is a titanic fan and also loves jewelry, here is something which is as pretty as the one in the movie and also isn’t very hard on your pockets. This beautiful neckpiece is also readily available on Amazon as ‘Love n legacy 18k gold plated Swarovski crystal necklace’.

3) Shades of love:

Women (mostly) love to paint their nails, and if your girlfriend is a paint enthusiast, do not make the mistake of giving her just one nail paint. Go ahead and try to analyze her taste, later give her a subtle combination of those paints, or even a mix-match would work.

4) Makeup necessities:

When it comes to makeup, your girlfriends can’t resist it. Also, your girlfriend can never have enough makeup. So, use this as an opportunity to brighten up her mood on a dull day.

5) Gift A Place:

Imagine sitting at the dinner table with your girlfriend and after dessert telling her that she’s now the new owner of that ice-cream parlor where you guys had your first date. She’ll not only feel special but more affectionate towards you. The team at has made it possible. You can own any place in the world (on google maps) and have it till the end. It is, although, a first come first get endeavor so you better hurry.

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6) Her interests as your gift:

We all have different interests and hobbies. Every girlfriend feels important and happy when her partner takes an interest in whatever she is doing. So, take out a day from your routine and do everything she wants to do. This will not only help you to understand each other but also it will be fun.

7) Gratification notes:

A little gratitude does not harm and is more magical than other gifts for girlfriend. Your girlfriend has done so many things for you that it’s hard to keep a list so. Instead, you can write little notes thanking her, telling about her importance in your life and how much you are in love with her.

8) Mixtape of her favorite songs:

There are times when your girlfriend feels stressed at her office or is upset with the gym’s playlist. You can be her savior! Make a list of her favorite tunes and set it up on her phone or desktop. This way, she will be reminded every day that you have got her back!

9) Take her shopping:

A surprise shopping spree can excite any woman in the world. Don’t ask her if she wants to go, just take to shopping and tell her she can buy anything for herself, this mere statement wins a girl’s heart and might help go easy on your ‘pocket’ too!

10) Surprise getaway:

You and your girlfriend can take a day or two off and go for a trip around. The element of surprise would be you as you will be planning the whole vacation all by yourself! It will, for sure, help your relationship to be more magical.

11) Solve for love:

If your girlfriend likes solving puzzles, this unique puzzle game sold by Mixunbox on Amazon would be a perfect surprise gift for her. You can order it online and get it personalized by sending any picture (for example, a picture of you and her), which will be the final puzzle picture. This product is sold under the name ‘Mixunbox personalized photo puzzle game.’

12) Scented candles:

These candles are very easy to find and can be bought from anywhere. Your girlfriend will always think about you as soon as she lights one of the candles you gift her. Sooner or later, she will refer to a particular scent using your name!

13) Cute ceramics:

Gift your girlfriend some cute ceramic pieces, which will put her in state of awe. They are easily available at pottery and crockery shops. These pieces can be used for plants or as decorations or even as a coffee mug! The ceramics are not challenging to find, but if you have any trouble, you can order it online from

14) DIY journal of love:

Buy a diary or a journal and write your version of the love journey that you and your girlfriend started when first met. It might be a straightforward idea, but it will matter a lot to your girlfriend. Start by describing how she looked when you first saw her, your first date with her, your first proposal to you, her etcetera. Reminiscing to that memory lane would bring a lot of love and happiness.

15) Coupons or subscriptions:

If an item would have topped the list of best gifts for girlfriend I think it should be this one. As simple as it may look, it is beneficial. Remember when your girlfriend complained to you about how her favorite food/drink/magazine was unavailable or out of stock from stores, well, this would be a great time to end those complaints. Buy coupons or take up subscriptions for her favorite product, and then you can gift the things she loves on a monthly or yearly basis.

Love has no price; even gift-wrapped chocolate by you would make your girlfriend content.

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