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Top 10 creative gifts for girlfriend | Gift A Place

Top 10 creative gifts for girlfriend | Gift A Place

Top 10 creative gifts for girlfriend can help you immortalize the first anniversary if you are meeting with your sweetheart six months after. You rarely need an occasion to gift your girlfriend something to tell her how much she means to you! But if you're out of ideas, then we have come up with great ideas to make it easier for you.

Unique gift ideas for girlfriend

Mix and match and add your touch to these to make the gift as unique as your girlfriend going through the top 10 creative gifts for girlfriend, shared on this page. Here is the list of top 10 gifts for girlfriend.

1) Personalized Gifts:

If shopping off the rack isn't your thing, then you can always personalize a gift. Personalize gifts are indefinitely best gifts for girlfriend. A pillow with a funny quote or even custom 3D printed articles! There are so many options on the internet that you can choose from, keeping in mind the interests of your pretty girl. You can get her a blanket with her name on it or a phone cover with her photo or signature on it.

2) Jewelry:

Since most jewelry can be custom made, it allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of your girlfriend's personal choices. You can ask for her name or a message to be engraved on a bracelet or gift her a locket. If you know her birthstone, you can ask for the stone to be fitted in a pendant or a ring in a variety of designs. You can even tell the jeweler if you have any particular plans in mind, and they will make it for you. If you want to go old-school, you could get promise rings; one for you and one for her.

3) Skin Care and Cosmetics:

It's easy to get creative in this category. You can ask the salesladies to mix and match different types of makeup, depending on your girlfriend's preferences. Many makeup companies allow you to make your makeup, such as customized lipsticks or even eyeshadow palettes. The same is the case with skin products, where companies have pop-ups in multiple cities. You can create your skin products, such as face scrubs and washes. It's a great place to take your girlfriend along with you. Also, most sites are unisex, and you could pick something for yourself.

4) Embossed Luxury Brands:

High-end luxury brands will etch a name or message on their products at your request, and that's why it makes a place in our list of best girlfriend gift ideas. A purse with your girlfriend's name or a watch with a message carved on the back of the dial will make your girlfriend feel special. The level of personalization depends both on how exquisite and rare the product is and the kind of message or etching you're doing on it.

5) DIYs:

If you feel like there isn't any gift in this world that is as rare as your girlfriend, you can make one for her! With the sudden increase of different DIY websites and YouTube channels, there are plenty of ideas you can try. A photo frame with er favorite seashells or even a wrist band made of colorful threads. There are endless possibilities as almost everything can be DIY'ed.

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6) Couple's Classes:

Has your girlfriend always wished you could learn a language together or cook French on weekends? There are lots of classes out there for couples. You could always gift her vouchers for a few courses of her choice and, more importantly, gift her your time by accompanying her. You could learn how to make Greek pastries or even trek a mountain together. Such moments make beautiful memories for the future. Don't forget to carry a camera along and snap lots of pictures!

7) Albums for the Keeper:

She keeps mementos of her trips and photo albums of her friends and family. What better gift can you gift her than more memories she can hang onto? Take her out for the day. An amusement park, the mall, or even her favorite restaurant for a luxurious five-course dinner. Lots of pictures and a beautiful album to keep these in for future reminiscing. You can give them the gift of your time, which no other gift in the world can replace. You can compile all these photos together in an album (which you can make yourself) and add lots of pictures, messages, and mementos.

8) Gift Baskets:

It's fun to get creative with gift baskets since you can put absolutely anything in one. If she's fond of painting and sketching, your gift baskets can include canvas and painting stationary. If she likes cheese, you can make her a basket with cheeses from all over the world and nuts, jams, and crackers. Depending on what she likes, you can put together a basket and decorate it however you want. You could even weave the basket on your own if you're confident of doing it. You could also gift her a bouquet of chocolates if she is one with a sweet tooth.

9) Make your Flowers:

Flowers eventually wilt and die. Not very romantic, are they? Lots of materials are used these days to make realistic looking flowers, and all they need are a wash sometimes. You could always buy her artificial flowers, but you could make your own. There are many videos and blog posts that give a detailed set of instructions on how you can carve and color flowers out of various materials. If DIY isn't your thing, you can always grow your flowers. Put the homegrown herbs in a beautifully arranged bouquet or decorate the garden to surprise your girlfriend when she is home.

10) Memories for a Lifetime- Gift A Place:

You met her on vacation in Spain or near an airport coffee shop and want to recreate the first place's memories. You could try and recreate the settings of that day and even replicate the food. But sometimes it isn't possible to revisit the site or recreate it, that's where Gift A Place comes into the picture. You can register the place as yours or in your girlfriend's name and let the certificate be a reminder of your journey so far. It can be sent virtually, making it one of the best gifts for girlfriends.

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