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Romantic birthday gift ideas 2020 for girlfriend | Gift A Place

Romantic birthday gift ideas 2020 for girlfriend | Gift A Place

Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas 2020 can be a little stressful thought, especially when you are expected to present your beautiful girlfriend a significant fabulous gift item on her birthday. Dwelling on what to gift a girlfriend being lucky enough in owning everything you may think about we are sharing a special birthday gift ideas for female friend.

Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas for girlfriend

Have a look at the 13 filtered romantic birthday gift ideas 2020 for girlfriend to make her birthday a special celebratory occasion.

1) 52 reasons for existence:

You love your girlfriend and tell her that almost every day, but you have never really appreciated her ‘existence.’ Go grab a deck of cards or DIY a diary, which states the reasons why her birth was important for the entire world and for you, of course.

2) Personalized jewels:

There isn’t a woman out there in the world who doesn’t like jewelry or any kind of accessory. Get a customized chain with your girlfriend’s name on it, try to get her favorite earnings, pay attention to the details, and gift the best present on her birthday.

3) Message from dear ones:

This is an idea which, as simple as it may seem, can move hearts. Ask your girlfriend’s family (extended ones too!) and her friends to record a video message saying ‘happy birthday’ or telling her that they love and miss her. These best birthday gift ideas for girlfriend 2020 would make your girlfriend love you more than ever.

4) That dress in her cart:

Check her phone and go through all the shopping applications she has been using. Filter out the ones you can afford and straight away buy them. A thoughtful gift like a dress she was hoping to buy will make her feel loved and ecstatic for finally getting the dress she always wanted.

5) Couple celebration:

Fill your car with balloons and chocolates, drive up to her place at 12 in the morning and yell ‘happy birthday babe’ at the top of your lungs. Well, that might be a little over the top, but make sure you do something romantic on her birthday. It could be a cozy breakfast in bed or a binge-watching session of all her favorite movies with her favorite food.

6) Gift A Place:

Imagine taking your girlfriend out on her birthday to one of the most amazing restaurants in the city and calling it hers. No, you don’t have to be rich to do that, just smart. The people at will make sure to register that place under your or your girlfriend’s name, and it will belong to her till the end. The only twist is that there is ‘first come first serve’ policy, which means you can own any place (on google maps!) under your name if no one has registered before you. So what are you waiting for?

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7) Pamper appointment:

Let your girlfriend get pampered by you in all forms on her birthday. Book a salon appointment, spa sessions, acupuncture, and all other activities that help her relax and feel the best about herself.

8) LED cushions:

This unique work of art will surely turn heads or, rather, shut eyes! These cushions are not only personalized with pictures and messages but also have LED light within them. If your girlfriend is afraid of the dark and sometimes you can’t be there for her, she will always remember her birthday present and think about you. This amazing product is easily available on Amazon

9) Crystal cube:

Another amazing product on Amazon could be one of the great birthday gifts for girlfriend. This cube’s features make it different from the rest. First off, it rotates! The picture in the cube can be personalized, and it has got LED light in it too. So, when it rotates with lights on, it’s like a discotheque in a bedroom.

10) Art on wood:

Your girlfriend is beautiful, and it’s time to show her that she will look the same on a piece of wood. This carving art on wood is available on Amazon with your personalized photos. It can either be used as a decorative or even kept with the antics due to its refined structure.

11) Constellation map:

How romantic would it be if you give your girlfriend her birth day’s constellation pattern when she was born? It will make her feel so special that she will hang it right above her bed and look at it every day. You just need her birthday, birth year, and time of her birth. You can order it online or create one on your own.

12) Touch lamps:

It was a romantic era when lovers used to send each other letters and posts. But, thanks to modern technology, you and your girlfriend can know whenever you miss each other without sending a text! This touch-sensitive lamp light up when one touches them; the best part about it is that the other part of this lamp set will also light up at the same time. It will be a romantic way of telling your girlfriend how much you love and miss her, especially on her birthday.

13) DIY life album:

Wouldn’t it be cute if you make a photo album of your girlfriend that would tell her life story? From the time she was born, her childhood, college experiences, and the first time she met you, her first job, all of these memories in one place. She will definitely adore you for putting in all the effort and time.

Birthdays come once a year, and every girl wants to feel like she is the only one in the world with attention. You can make your girlfriend feel just that if you follow our list of girlfriend birthday gifts 2020.

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